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The Monster from the Woods

The Spottsville Monster
A sketch of the
Monster from the Woods
West of Owensboro, on highway 60, in between Owensboro and Henderson, Ky., there is a bedroom community known as Spottsville.

Spottsville is a sleepy community, inhabited by mostly workers from Henderson and Evansville. There you will find a Dollar General store, a winery and that’s about all the businesses you will find in Spottsville.

The residents are a sturdy people, going to work each day, taking care of their houses, minding their own cares, safe and snug in the middle part of the USA.

Except there is one thing that sets Spottsville apart from small communities all over the USA.

There is allegedly a monster living in the woods around Spottsville. A creature that has been described as something along the lines of the Sasquatch of the American Northwest fame. In short, the good people of Spottsville have a Bigfoot that visits them from time to time.

Laugh at the idea all you want. Disbelieve the stories if you must. But there have been good people of Spottsville which have reported encounters with Bigfoot over the years.

Spottsville is not the only town in central western Kentucky which have reported creatures resembling Bigfoot in their areas. Hopkinsville, Ky., has reported several instances of a Bigfoot in its area. Lawrenceburg, in the easterly Anderson County, has had so many, they have developed a Bigfoot Festival.

At the center of this, members of the Nunnelly family were said to be terrorized by an 8 ft. hairy creature.

But even as recent as 2010, individuals have been reporting encounters with a creature 7 or 8 feet tall.

Is there anything to these stories? I don’t know. What I do know is that coelacanths were considered extinct for a few million years, till one was caught off of Madagascar. And the saola, a type of antelope, remained hidden during several wars in Southeast Asia till being discovered in the early ‘90’s.

So, it’s not impossible for Bigfoot creatures to exist, no matter how improbable the stories seem to be.

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