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Mug Shot of
John Dillinger

Come, let us travel to ancient times. The times of Pretty Boy Floyd, Machine Gun Kelly, Baby Face Nelson, Old Creepy Karpis, Bonnie & Clyde and, perhaps, the greatest of them all, John Dillinger.

John Dillinger was born June 22, 1903, in Indianapolis, IN. He lost his mother at the age of four. He spent a few years being raised by his older sister, till his father remarried.

Dillinger had trouble with the police in Indianapolis, for petty theft, culminating in John being arrested for auto theft. His father concluded that “city life” was corrupting John, so he moved the family out to Mooresville. But his idea didn’t work. John was promptly arrested for auto theft.

John joined the US Navy, then went AWOL about 8 months later. Returning to Mooresville, John had trouble finding a job, so he returned to crime. Being captured after robbing a grocery store, John was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in the state penitentiary system.

Inside the penitentiary, Dillinger became embroiled in the criminal lifestyle. Meeting other robbers like Harry Pierpont, Homer Van Meter, and others, who taught John Dillinger how to be a successful bank robber.

After various prison breakouts, these men came together as the Dillinger gang.

According to the FBI, they were finally able to shoot and kill John Dillinger at the old Biograph Theater on July 22nd, 1934. This was later ruled as a justifiable homicide.

I wish to make a documentary about John Dillinger which, I hope, will tell you more about John Dillinger than just a recitation of the facts. I have no intention of painting John Dillinger for more than what he was. He was no hero, he was no Robin Hood character. He was a bank robber. But how was he able to stage these bank robberies?

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